6 Summer Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Insulated Tumbler & Bottle

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Beat the Heatwave: 6 Secret Drinkware Tricks

On the most scorching summer days, finding clever ways to keep your cool becomes second nature - and nothing beats a long, refreshing sip of an icy-cold drink to turn down the heat and revitalize your senses.

But what if you’re set to spend the day outside in the blazing sun, hopping between hot cars, or taking your drinks on the go without the cool embrace of air conditioning?

Naturally, these sizzling hot days are when icy, refreshing drinks are most essential - but sometimes the sweltering summer sun has other ideas… Even if you're using the best insulated drinkware around!

Luckily, there’s some insider secrets you can use to prolong the chill of your frosty drinks, and boost the cooling capacity of your thermal tumbler, bottle, or cup - no matter how high the mercury rises.

Check out these 6 genius ways to enjoy the coolest drinks from your insulated Greens Steel drinkware this summer, and beat the heat better than ever before.

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Summer Hack #1

Prime Your Vessel for Coldness

Let’s kick things off with a simple trick that guarantees your drinkware's powerful cooling insulation goes the distance, even on summer’s most unforgiving days.

The secret lies in the air pocket trapped between the double wall insulation. But here's the catch: if the air pocket inside your drink vessel is already warm, it can quickly heat up your beverage, making it lose its chill.

To prevent this, you can prime your vessel with icy coolness before adding your chilled drink!

Here's how it works:

Fill your bottle or tumbler with iced water and let it sit for a few minutes. This cools down the air pocket between the insulation, creating an optimal environment for keeping your drink cold. Then, empty out the water and fill your vessel with your cool drink of choice.

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Spending a lot of time in the sun, but want your drinks to stay cool as a cucumber? Stashing your insulated water bottle or tumbler in the shade as much as possible makes a world of difference!

The blazing rays of the sun can heat up the outside of your tumbler quickly, making your vacuum insulation fight a losing battle against the extreme elements.


Extend the chill of your favorite drinks all day long by keeping your drinkware out of direct sunlight to give it a helping hand!

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Summer Hack #3

Don't Let a Dent Ruin Your Drink

Worried your drinks aren’t staying as cold as they should? Be sure to check the outside of your insulated drinkware for any damage that could potentially be affecting its performance!

While smaller bumps or dings won't be a problem, there's a chance that very deep dents (from heavy impact or crushing) might have created a gap in your bottle's inner vacuum seal that keeps your drinks cold.

If the two walls hidden inside your cup are touching, this can allow heat to transfer from the outside, making your drink get warm faster - especially if you're in a hot environment.

To prevent dents that could sabotage your insulated drinkware's cooling powers, avoid dropping your bottle or banging it against hard surfaces.


Although they're built tough, we understand accidents can happen! If you think your Greens Steel drinkware may have a dent that's compromising its vacuum insulation, you can request a replacement using our Lifetime Warranty Registration Form.

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Did you know the color of your drinkware can actually make a difference in how well it keeps your drinks cold? Dark-colored drinkware absorbs more heat from the sun, which can make your drinks warmer faster in direct sunshine.

Light-colored cups, on the other hand, reflect heat, which can help to keep your drinks colder.


To keep your drinks super cold all summer long, opt for light-colored insulated drinkware like the Greens Steel BEAST Tumbler in summer-ready shades of Arctic White, Lemon, or Aqua Blue. Grab yours below!

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Summer Hack #5

More Ice, Please!

It goes without saying that the more ice you use, the colder your drink will stay. So, if you're looking to keep your drinks frosty for as long as possible, top up your Greens Steel bottle or tumbler with plenty of ice.

You should also chill your drinks well before pouring them into your insulated drinkware. This will help to lower the overall temperature of the drink, which will help it to stay colder for longer.

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When it's hot out, you'll want to safeguard your chilled drinks with one final, simple measure - Remembering to close the lid of your insulated drinkware without delay!


When you take a sip of your drink, heat from the surrounding air sneaks into your bottle or tumbler.

To prevent this from speeding up temperature loss, be sure to replace the lid or close your sip spout promptly after each sip to ensure your drink stays colder for longer!

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So, grab your favorite Greens Steel tumbler, bottle or cup and keep your cool all summer long! With double wall vacuum-sealed insulation that keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours, Greens Steel drinkware is the ultimate choice for hydrating and refreshing in the hotter months.

Combined with these 6 simple tricks, your favorite summer sippers will stay perfectly chilled, delivering icy refreshment sip after sip.

Stay cool and quench your thirst with these smart hacks for your most chilled-out summer yet!

Till next time,

Jenn | Greens Steel 

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